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to brother rex, cowboys' defensive coordinator rob ryan was crying when he learned of the news that his linebacker sean lee was out for the season. rob denied that claim. >> i wasn't crying tears. actual tears you know i save that for the movies i watch with my wife you know. lifetime i mean my god. you guys ever watch lifetime? jeez. god almighty. don't. >> that must be why i don't watch it. tomorrow on cbs 5 1:00 1 raiders and the chiefs followed by the fifth quarter: you know raiders have only one two games you know -- won two games you know but this is the big game. the raiders are only a game out of first place. it's a huge game tomorrow. >> huge game. we could be celebrating their first place status right? >> you're right. >> all righty. >> so watch that before you before the world series. >> absolutely, thank you much. >>> coming up at 6:30 when you hear about drones, you probably think of something like this. over a place like afghanistan, but not for long. a look at the new tool police will be using in the skies over the bay area. that's it for eyewitness news at 5:30. we'll s
right through his hand. raiders settled for another field goal. the raiders defense, and knocked him out of the game. he took a beating. he left the game with a head injury and he didn't return. and remember, it was castle who was booed by the home crowd when he was injured earlier this month. they cheered him. nice pass in the middle. number one receiver, down in the raiders 13. six unanswered points. to tie the game at 6. under two minutes left in the half. raiders catch a break. and arenas in the -- long snapper. hustledled and recovers some football. raiders have it. and this time, the raiders cash in. palmer, to moore. this time he caught it. third straight game with the touchdown. the last raiders to do that, johnny lee higin. palmer comeback route. and he gets by stanford routes. there he goes. 32-yard raiders touchdown. raiders is up. and mcfaden had his better games. for yard -- four yards. and this one for 29 yards much and the fastest game for the kansas city offense. castle lobbed it up. and that's his first of the season. an he hasn't led a single time in any point this year
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2